Become an Accredited Coach Mindful Trainer

Are you a business, executive or lifestyle coach, consultant or trainer?

Would you like the highest quality mindfulness training for coaches available online, taught by Shamash Alidina, one of the UK’s most renowned mindfulness authors?

Join the corporate mindfulness revolution along with companies like Google and eBay

Gain confidence and credibility to train mindfulness to your clients

Be registered as an accredited Coach Mindful Trainer


If so, this 12 month Coach MindfulTM training may be just what you’re looking for.

Upon completion, you can be an accredited Coach MindfulTM trainer and listed on our website.


(Limited places)

Mindfulness helps on three different levels:

  1. You become more resilient, focused and clear as you become more mindful, for your own personal wellbeing.
  2. You are better able to coach in a mindful way, so you’re attentive to the needs of your clients and able to reach deeper levels of insight and intuition. As you’re more present with your client, you’re far more likely to improve the results they wish to achieve.
  3. You are able to explicitly teach mindfulness techniques to your clients so they can become more mindful themselves.

This 12 month Coach Mindful training is made up of the following elements:

Live Mindful course. 8 week course you can start anytime. 

LiveMindfulBasic eight week mindfulness training delivered online via our course called ‘Live Mindful’. This is a web-based, activity and audio course with links to the online training and downloadable meditations. You’re given meditations to practice at home, and activities to try out.

You have the opportunity to purchase a licence to this course to offer your clients in the future, so even if you’re trained in basic mindfulness techniques, you can try this out.

More details click here  |  Value £147


Teach Mindfulness course. A ten-week mindfulness teacher training course.

TeachMindfulnessOnline150This is the main, intensive part of the training, which starts as indicated on the Teach Mindfulness website. Each session lasts for two hours and is recorded, so you can watch later if you can’t make the odd session.

The sessions are taught via ‘Go To Webinar’, and so can be accessed via computer, laptop, or mobile device, including iPad, Android tablets and even iPhone.

In the sessions you are taught how to teach an eight week mindfulness course, which you could offer one-to-one to clients, or to a group if you’re experienced in that way. The sessions are interactive so you can ask questions at the end.

You are also assigned a mindfulness co-coach, so you can practice teaching mindfulness techniques and discuss issues around teaching or coaching mindfulness with each other.

Normal price is £1000   |   More details click here.


Mindful Mentoring. Monthly one-hour group online session.

product-monthly-011These sessions are held for at least an hour every month – sometimes more.

In these sessions, you are online with other mindfulness professionals. Shamash teaches a few key themes in the session and offers an opportunity to practice teaching to the group. Often a member gives a short talk on a mindfulness concept to begin with, too.

Supervision or mentoring is essential if you’re using mindfulness with your clients. This offers a way of getting some mentoring online with other coaches and teachers to share tips, advice and perhaps refer clients to each other if necessary. You get to participate in the online group, live sessions with Shamash.

The sessions are also recorded so you have access to all that content and videos for the whole year. You also can access the full transcription of the sessions.

Value  £1200.


PLUS Three x one-hour 1:1 phone coaching sessions with Shamash

shamashparksmall-jpeg-moved-up-slightly1-251x300You get a coaching session at the beginning of the course to set your vision for the year, after doing live mindful course and after doing the teach mindfulness course. You create a mindfulness plan for the year ahead, and perhaps beyond, working at a pace that’s right for you.

The sessions can be recorded too, if you want, so you can listen back to them. The sessions give you a chance to discuss whatever other issues you wish too.


Value – up to £1000.

 Total Value is actually £3097

Investment for 12 months of Mindful Development

£1997 or 12 Monthly Payments of £197 (£2364)


Need more information? Email me here to request a callback to discuss the opportunity